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Blog Author: Robert Leach, Leeds Graphic Designer

Generation Pixel - Graphic Design Blog 

Generation Pixel is Robert Leach’s full service graphic design agency, based in Leeds. Robert is a graphic designer and creative brand designer with over 30 years of experience as a professional brand and advertising consultant. Generation Pixel works to produce creative concepts, layout and digital pre-press artwork.

Robert has worked within large and small agencies, in the offices of large corporate companies and in his home studio. Previously he has been in charge of a small team of artists with a role as a Creative Director in Canada. Robert has also worked well as a valued team member within in-house studios and working solo.

This regular blog will cover important graphic design topics with information to guide and educate those interested in graphic design as a discipline, with content about best practises, different uses and interesting concepts and ideas. This will be useful for those who require the services of graphic designers, other graphic design professionals wanting to learn more and students of graphic design who wish to advance their skills. 

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