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Generation Pixel Graphic Design Services

Generation Pixel is a graphic design agency run by Robert Leach, based in Leeds. Robert works directly with local and international clients on a one-to-one basis and can integrate closely with your development, production and marketing teams, or work directly with company management and MD’s of SME’s to produce the graphic design material that your business needs to stand out.


Generation Pixel specialises in injecting the creativity that your graphic design projects need to be a success, taking a brief from concept stage, right through to design and finally to print, working with print industry suppliers who over a long career Robert has built very strong relationships with.

Generation Pixel respond’s to a wide variety of graphic design requests, as detailed below:


  • Proposals

  • Pitches

  • Placemats

  • Social media material

  • Email marketing banners

  • Adverts

  • Corporate identity graphics

  • Company literature

  • Info graphics

  • Prestigious coffee table magazines

  • Newspapers and newsletters

  • Product catalogues

  • Signage

  • Event collateral

  • Merchandising

  • Pop-up banners

  • Invites

With many other services to meet your individual graphic design requirements

Examples Generation Pixel Graphic Design Services 

Proposals and pitch document services


Generation Pixel specialises in creating compelling proposals and pitch documents for professional services companies seeking to win new work, often completing projects that are deadline critical and confidential. With over 15 years’ experience in producing work-winning pitch documents, Robert understands confidentiality, tight deadlines and long hours. Proposals are the life blood of future work for companies and Generation Pixel can help to support you in creating impressive pitch documents, working in either Adobe InDesign and MS PowerPoint.


Placemat production services


Generation Pixel has created many single or double sided A4 and A3 placemats, used for meetings these are an excellent marketing collateral tool and are great for making a good impression in boardroom presentations or as a powerful leave-behind or take-away sales tool. Generation Pixel placemats are designed to focus your business message, the ‘value you add’, key team contacts, meeting agenda, project timelines and progress updates. These can then be emailed as a PDF for a pre-meeting outline of proposed services, summarising your companies’ offering and highlighting insights to the value you add.


PowerPoint services


PowerPoint is the go-to programme for many professional services companies and for the last 20 years Generation Pixel has been supporting businesses with document make-overs or creating compelling new designs for presentations, seminars, meetings and training courses.


Much of Robert's recent work is focused on producing PowerPoint’s for companies creating online training courses and due to recent travel and meeting restrictions, these documents are now ported into online delivery platforms. Clients often want placemats/tablemats created in PowerPoint so they have more in-house control of content and can be able to make last minute changes to documents without having to call for critical updates.


Generation Pixel creates PPT documents that mimic very closely the look and feel of company printed brochures and other corporate literature, ensuring any new material designs fits in well with your current brand and corporate identity. PowerPoint is an important creation and presentation tool for these documents and for many companies Robert has created a unique niche in being able to switch between professional print design whilst working seamlessly with in-house teams producing professional PowerPoint presentations and training/e-learning documents.


​Product catalogues, marketing collateral and newsletters


Generation Pixel has a great deal of experience in supporting marketing departments in a wide range of different organisations to produce a variety of different marketing material documents and brand collateral. This service is tailored to exactly what the client's needs are as per the project brief, but can include anything from a 200 page catalogue, used to display complex product information whilst ensuring easy navigation, to working on company brochures, social media banners, events, advertising and merchandising material to equip an organisation with the marketing material that they need.


Generation Pixel has also produced artwork for the printed versions of online news sites, with print runs and readership levels at over 10,000, distributed in the North of England, with the final artwork in both print and PDF versions.

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